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Art Student.
Hoping to do tattooing and piercing very soon.
I love, art, photography, tattoos and boobs. Everyone loves a big pair of boobs. Don't they?!

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Okay so ive been wanting to do a giveaway for a while and here it is :

  • mbf me
  • reblog, no likes (they wont count
  • but you can like to bookmark!
  • reblog loads of times because more chances

—-> 4 essie nail polishes (names in order: peak of chic, play date, for the twill of it, & sexy divide. An iPhone 4 with a purple otter box case and a charger. 3 Stila eyeshadow palette. A daisy Flower Crown and a believe eye mask. A brown leather polk a dot black with white background. A Nirvana t-shirt. A baby blue instax mini 8 Polaroid. And the Naked 2 eyeshadow palette.

How to get more ENTRIES;
  • follow my Instagram
  • follow my twitter
  • tag me in a post (#luke5stop) and tell me why you really want to win
  • write me a one shot with luke (i would love yoou forever)
  • make me an AU meme with luke (:
  • like all my Instagram photos

So just message me if you did those^^^ (worth 5 extra entries each xx) so i can add another entry. I will be using a randomizer website to pick the winner so it’s all up to luck xx

CHANGED THE CLOSING DATE TO —-> December 1st !! because it would be like an early christmas present xx

(wont change the date again x)

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Anonymous asked: We miss your body!! When can we see it again :P


Stop sounding desperate!!

Anonymous asked: we love your tits,why you don't show they to us? :P


Because im sassyy

A guy in my Japanese class today...

Sensei:Why do you want to learn Japanese?
Guy:I'm tired of reading subtitles.


You’re gone and I gotta stay
High all the time
To keep you off my mind.

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