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Art Student.
Hoping to do tattooing and piercing very soon.
I love, art, photography, tattoos and boobs. Everyone loves a big pair of boobs. Don't they?!

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3 Monthly Update.

I am currently a heart broken girl, who is messed up in the head by her ex boyfriend cheating on her with a 14 year old, a BOY who stole my love, my trust, and my money. 

But i am in love once again, and this time its different.This time he is a real man. My anxiety is practically invisible around him. There’s nothing i wouldn’t do to make him happy. 

On Monday 6th October he is moving in with me. He’s travelling 7/8 hours just to live with me. And it means more to me than any bunch of flowers or jewellery ever could.

I’ve never felt so comfortable around anyone in my life. He has changed me, the person i once was, i no longer am. I am still fragile, but i am no longer the fake girl i used to be. 

I can wear no make up around him. I can be naked and not feel ashamed of my body around him. I can tell him things i can tell him anything about me, and he doesn’t judge me. I can watch my tacky horror films with him and he doesn’t care. I wake up in the morning with morning breath, make up down my face, and messy hair… And yet he still loves me. Nothing will break us because we are so close. 

I feel like i can see my self marrying this man, having children with this man, and i can see my anxiety disappearing… Because he makes me so happy and calm. It took me 6 months to get in a car with my ex, but this man… It took me a week, if that. 

I deleted 2,500 people from my Facebook, deleted all my dating accounts and i even deleted any explicit photos i have that i could access online. All without his asking, i did it all off my own back. That’s how i know he’s really the one. 

When i met him the first time, my heart was racing, i was in dream land. I just stood and stared at him like a twat. I wouldn’t change a single thing about him. He’s everything i have always wanted and more. 

Now, i have never written this amount on my blog… ever. But i could go on for hours about him. His cute little moles, his eyes, his smile, his laugh, how tall he is compared to me, how waking up to him next to me makes me feel, his smell, how caring he is, how my parents love him already, how he gets up and washes up without me asking, how we met on snapchat, how his friends aren’t like any of my ex’s mates because they respect his privacy, and more importantly, how much i fucking love him. 

This woman explains everything i feel. Mary Lambert - I Know Girls (Live on KEXP) →




Okay so ive been wanting to do a giveaway for a while and here it is :

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  • but you can like to bookmark!
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—-> 4 essie nail polishes (names in order: peak of chic, play date, for the twill of it, & sexy divide. An iPhone 4 with a purple otter box case and a charger. 3 Stila eyeshadow palette. A daisy Flower Crown and a believe eye mask. A brown leather polk a dot black with white background. A Nirvana t-shirt. A baby blue instax mini 8 Polaroid. And the Naked 2 eyeshadow palette.

How to get more ENTRIES;
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  • write me a one shot with luke (i would love yoou forever)
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So just message me if you did those^^^ (worth 5 extra entries each xx) so i can add another entry. I will be using a randomizer website to pick the winner so it’s all up to luck xx

CHANGED THE CLOSING DATE TO —-> December 1st !! because it would be like an early christmas present xx

(wont change the date again x)

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Anonymous asked: We miss your body!! When can we see it again :P


Stop sounding desperate!!

Anonymous asked: we love your tits,why you don't show they to us? :P


Because im sassyy

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